Promoting sustainable ideologies, renewable energy, and adopting a zero-waste mindset. Going GREEN is easier than you think.


About Biosmedical

Biosmedical is a blog devoted to sustainable living and zero-waste ideologies.

You might hear terms like “zero waste” thrown around. The simplest way to define this idea is – we want to send as little as possible, if nothing, to a landfill.

The goal should be to reuse or upcycle as much as we can, recycle very little, and then compost what we cannot.

We currently live in a linear economy where we simply take resources from the Earth and then dump them into a giant hole in the ground – a landfill.

The mission of zero waste is to transform this linear economy to be a circular one – where we remove trash from the equation. A circular economy mimics nature – there is no trash in nature.

Apart from Zero-waste iniatives we’re big believers in alterative forms of energy as well as renewables.