10 Faith-Based Organizations Offering Inspiring Journeys

Faith-based organizations are characterized by their virtuous hope, which seeks to realize a better world. This is a different type of hope than the secular hope, which is merely an outcome.

The work of FBOs encompasses a wide range of community support, including food kitchens, shelters, addiction and recovery programs, and relief organizations. They also offer outdoor religious retreats that immerse urban communities in nature and promote a deeper connection with the natural elements.

Desiring God

In a world where the pursuit of pleasure is encouraged, Desiring God is an organization that offers hope in a deeper happiness than can be found in pleasure. They offer books, podcasts, and other resources to help people experience the fullness of life that Jesus offers.

In the New Testament, the Christian life is portrayed as an array of roots and hundreds of fruit-bearing responses to those roots. It is easy for a Christian to make the fatal mistake of separating these things asunder. For example, worship and witnessing become separated from hallowing God’s name and helping his people.

It is also easy for the love of God to morph into religious humanitarianism. The most important thing that must occur, however, is the transforming work of grace in your life. Only then can the bondage of people-pleasing be broken, and your identity as Christ’s child, heir of everything he owns, be made firm and deep.

The BibleMesh Blog

Faith-based organizations are founded on religious tenets and often require adherence to certain beliefs or church meetings. But that doesn’t mean they can’t offer inspiration to people from all walks of life.

This Christian blog equips readers with biblical wisdom that applies to daily issues. Their articles help people grow closer to Christ through mindfulness practices and experiential reflection.

Featuring leading Bible scholars, this blog provides academic knowledge about Christianity’s origins in an accessible way. Their content also discusses current events and encourages discussion between diverse Christian views.

Adventures Unlimited

Adventures Unlimited provides recreational adventures, leadership, service, and education for participants with disabilities. They also provide a safe place for people to unplug from technology and connect with nature. They have a wide variety of offerings, including kayaking and whitewater rafting. Their on-site staff can help with a number of different services, but they are also happy to work with outside vendors as well.

The organization offers a variety of activities for youth and adults that promote an inspirational environment where everyone relates to one another based on Christian Science. Their A/U Ranches and DiscoveryBound programs offer outdoor experiences, and their National Leadership Council and Compass programs give teens a community to support global issues. They also have adult programming that reengages learning and challenges participants to step outside their comfort zones. They also have a NLC Alumni Initiative that provides ways for graduates to stay connected and continue friendships and opportunities.

Franklinton Abbey

Throughout history, religious organizations have been essential providers of food, clothing, finance, and additional support for community members in need. These services are often accompanied by a spiritual component that promotes moral health and comfort for those in need.

Faith-based communities have the capacity to be of service to those in need in rural communities as well. They can help to form intergenerational relationships within their communities and promote spiritual wellbeing.

Heather is co-founder of Sanctuary Night and a member of Franklinton Abbey, a new faith community working on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. She loves music, long-distance rail-to-trail biking, and kinetic prayer practices. She also enjoys cheering embarrassingly loud at her children’s extra curricular activities. She currently lives in Bexley, Ohio. Her hero is Fred Rogers. She loves to think of children first. She is passionate about forming intergenerational connections and building intentional faith communities.

The Philadelphia Project

The Philadelphia Project offers faith-based community services in the form of youth mentoring programs and educational interest programs. Combined with the teachings of religious virtues, these programs help students develop confidence in their academic pursuits while encouraging them to be stewards of nature and human capital.

Urban communities often lack a strong connection to natural environmental elements, which benefits from the inclusion of religious values of stewardship and purpose. Through outdoor religious retreats, the organization helps urban residents establish a stronger bond with nature.

Rural faith-based organizations offer similar offerings. For example, some faith-based thrift stores help low-income rural citizens purchase affordable clothing. In addition, some faith-based organizations provide assistance in the event of natural disasters. This aid can include food, clothing, and money. It also teaches residents how to be self-sufficient. Lastly, some faith-based groups, like PWNA, support indigenous tribal beliefs and culture. Faith-based organizations often organize journeys as well.

Outdoor Retreats

In this age of remote working and a digital detox, outdoor retreats can offer a much-needed break from daily stressors. Studies have shown that time in nature lowers blood pressure, improves mood, and boosts your immune system.

At Collective Retreats, you can immerse yourself in the natural world while still enjoying high-end accommodations. Choose from their luxury glamping pods, beach resorts, or mountain hideaways.

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The Beacon Center

The Beacon Center is an organization that offers a range of services for families with loved ones struggling with addiction. They offer mental health and primary healthcare, case management, homelessness prevention, youth leadership development, family support, parenting education and fatherhood engagement. They also provide counseling and life skills training to help those dealing with chemical dependency.

Founded by Monette Goodridge and Amber Lassally, The Beacon Center offers holistic care for individuals and their families. Meeting as students at Syracuse University, they both envisioned a place where people could connect with others who were going through similar experiences to have their needs met using a whole person concept.

Beacon programs are hosted in New York City public schools and serve children, youth, and adults. They offer a variety of activities, including academic enhancement, after school and summer programs, identity-based clubs, career awareness and school to work transition, civic engagement, community events and recreation/health and fitness.

The Community of Hope

Community of Hope provides structure and supportive services to empower families with children to become self-reliant. Their mission is to help them achieve family-sustaining incomes, live healthy lives, and crush the cycles of homelessness and poverty.

Community of Hope improves health and ends family homelessness to increase equity in Washington, DC. Their offerings include healthcare, shelter with support services, permanent housing solutions, and education.

The organization also hosts a series of events to raise awareness and funds. You can get involved by volunteering, becoming a mentor, organizing a supply drive, or giving one time or as a monthly Sustainer of Hope. You can also join the Homebound Visitation Team to visit those who are unable to travel to the organization due to medical issues. These individuals are often isolated and disconnected. Your presence and words of hope can make all the difference.

The Resilience Network

The Resilience Network offers a variety of psycho-educational and resilience skill building groups that provide an added level of support to families. Their programs have been shown to help teens avoid high-risk behaviors that can lead to substance abuse, psychiatric disorders, and suicide.

The Resilience Network offers a nontraditional approach to learning specific resilience skills that are practical, hands on, fun and uplifting. Their workshops teach a strength-based, evidenced based process that supports direct service professionals in avoiding compassion fatigue and burnout. This is accomplished through the use of simple communication strategies that foster a sense of safety and trust with those you surround yourself with. These relationships can also be a source of hope and optimism in the face of overwhelming societal challenges. This is the true meaning of resilience in action! Learn more. Become a Network Member!

The Community of Faith

While numerous references to communities of faith have been made in the literature, few efforts have been made to measure these characteristics empirically. This study attempts to take a modest first step in this direction by estimating a higher-order confirmatory factor model that includes seven dimensions of church-based social support.

Belonging to a faith community offers many benefits, including emotional and mental health support, spiritual guidance, and healthier lifestyle practices. In addition, these communities often provide a strong sense of camaraderie and community.

The challenge that congregations face today is in finding ways to be genuine communities of faith without being seduced by the force of separateness that permeates contemporary culture. They must be able to balance the forces of togetherness and separateness in ways that are consistent with their unique religious values and experiences. These communities must be willing to work hard at being who they are and discerning God’s call for them in a new world.