9 Tips for a Stress-Free Bathroom Renovation

Enhancing your bathroom can be both enjoyable and fulfilling; but, without proper planning, it could turn into a stressful endeavor.

Un effective way to alleviate stress during a remodel is hiring professional contractors. Get referrals from friends or family and check reviews online before selecting a service provider who meets both your budget and needs.

1. Plan Ahead

Upgrading your bathroom can add significant value to your home, yet can also be stressful. To ensure an effortless renovation experience, planning ahead is key for successful completion.

Be sure to hire a reliable contractor – it will make all the difference in ensuring the success of your project! Alternatively, save both time and money by doing some of the work yourself such as painting or assembling furniture yourself.

Be flexible with your timeline. While having an idea of when you want the renovation completed is fine, allowing some wiggle room may help avoid unnecessary stress and hassle. Sticking rigidly to an initial schedule could prove detrimental.

2. Hire A Contractor

Contractors can help guide the process and avoid costly errors and ensure your renovation complies with regulations. When hiring one, be sure to obtain a detailed quote first and be realistic about your budget – it would also be prudent to hire specialists who specialize in bathroom renovation.

An effective renovation professional can make all the difference to your peace of mind during this project. Doing it on your own could cost more than expected and lower quality; investing in quality workmanship adds value to your home so it is well worth investing extra in getting work completed efficiently and correctly from start to finish.

3. Keep Your Budget in Mind

One of the key considerations when planning a bathroom renovation is your budget. To avoid overspending and spending more than anticipated, create a realistic budget and stick to it.

An additional way to save money when selecting cost-effective materials is choosing cost-effective materials. Instead of opting for high-end options, look for cost-efficient options which still look good and hold up over time.

Don’t be scared to reuse elements instead of purchasing new ones; for instance, you could refinish old countertops, sinks and bathtubs to give them a brand-new look at a fraction of the cost. Be sure to set aside an emergency budget in case any unexpected events arise during renovation such as mold hidden behind shower walls or the need to bring plumbing systems up to code.

4. Be Flexible With Your Timeline

When remodeling your bathroom, it is essential that you stay flexible with your timeline and plan. Doing so can help avoid stressful surprises or unexpected expenses and keep the project on schedule.

Unexpected issues, like plumbing issues or incomplete work from previous owners or even weather can derail renovation plans and put a stop to progress. Therefore it’s essential that you stay patient with and flexible with your remodeling contractors during this process.

If possible, aim to remodel your bathroom during winter when demand is lower and contractors are more likely to offer competitive prices. Also, making major design decisions before approaching remodeling companies for estimates will reduce time required to complete renovation and allow you to focus on decorating!

5. Add Storage

Lacking sufficient storage solutions, your bathroom can quickly become disorganized and disorganized. Not only does this look unpleasant and distract from its intended function, but it may also become an environmental health hazard by trapping dust and other particles which could eventually lead to respiratory issues in later years.

Add extra storage to your bathroom for easy organization and to keep things looking neat. Consider shelving, cabinets, decorative ladders and even decorative ladders as ways of holding towels. If space permits, create a recessed niche in the wall to store soaps and shampoos. Take advantage of unused wall space by installing shelves between studs for small toiletries – these shelves pair nicely with lighted medicine cabinets to increase functionality! For even more storage options consider installing pullout drawers for oddly sized items such as blow dryers and curling irons!

6. Get Organized

Your bathroom remodel requires you to keep track of numerous documents, bills, receipts and quotes for payment and supplies. To simplify matters further, organize your files by creating a project file folder to store idea photos, invoices, contracts and any other paperwork related to its completion.

There’s nothing worse than unexpected renovation surprises! From finding out you need new plumbing to electrical upgrades or unplanned repairs, having an adequate contingency plan in place is essential to your comfort during a project.

Storage solutions are an easy and cost-effective way to declutter your bathroom and make cleaning and organizing a breeze. Be creative by using baskets, shelves, furniture or hooks near bathtubs and showers for easy getting-ready time.

7. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in any home, making them prone to becoming dirty and smelly quickly. While keeping it tidy may prove challenging during renovation, creating a simple cleaning schedule can help reduce messiness.

Goal for daily 30 minute cleaning sessions, beginning with rooms you use most often. A portable caddy or cleaning drawer dividers are great ways to keep supplies organized quickly so you can finish quickly.

If your bathroom is the only one in your house, be sure to request that a contractor set up temporary shower and toilet facilities so you don’t have to run to your neighbor’s every time nature calls – doing this can also save you money on utility costs!

8. Get Rid of Old Accessories

Homeowners sometimes attempt to DIY bathroom renovations themselves. Unfortunately, this project can be dangerous and cause costly damage if completed incorrectly; thus it is advised to hire professional assistance instead.

Remodeling your bathroom can add value and resale potential to your home, so choosing high-quality materials that will look beautiful for years is of utmost importance. Furthermore, layout and functionality must also be taken into consideration; by following these tips your renovation will surely be successful! Small but impactful upgrades such as adding an accent wall of tiles or upgrading with walk-in shower are some simple upgrades which will add style and elegance to the space; hiding away outlets helps create a clean design; don’t forget to plan ahead!

9. Stash Outlets Away

Imagine being at the final stages of a bathroom renovation only to realize there aren’t enough outlets. To avoid this situation, stash outlets away when remodeling and store them safely so your design isn’t compromised due to an absence of electrical outlets.

Pembrooke & Ives suggests hiding outlets behind recessed medicine cabinets or vanities to reduce clutter and eliminate battles over outlet real estate. This solution can help make bathrooms with multiple users more user-friendly by eliminating competition over outlet placement.

Consider where you will use corded appliances such as hair dryers and electric toothbrushes so they have an accessible location to charge without falling down or becoming waterlogged. This will ensure they can remain plugged in safely without falling off a shelf into a nearby sink or bathtub.