How to Incorporate Jewelry Into Your Wardrobe

Jewelry adds a splash of shine and glamour to any ensemble, whether it is one statement piece or a whole collection. Learning how to match them with clothing pieces is essential.

Coordinating jewelry requires selecting an eye-catching focal point and then layering pieces around it to enhance it.


Jewelry has the power to transform an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary, while improper pieces can transform an otherwise straightforward outfit into a visually striking ensemble. Unfortunately, wearing inappropriate accessories can turn an otherwise simple outfit into something awkward or overcrowded if paired together in too many bold pieces.

Avoid this situation by choosing only a handful of accessories that will match most of your clothing. Select several earrings, necklaces and bracelets that can easily coordinate with different ensembles – gold and silver metals are great as they compliment most skin tones as well as providing multiple combinations with pearls or gemstones of various colors.

When it comes to matching jewelry to an outfit, the occasion will dictate your choices. A formal event such as a wedding or cocktail party requires more sophisticated pieces; such as delicate pearl strand necklaces, drop earrings with delicate hooks and dainty chain bracelets. Conversely, casual day outfits such as jeans and a T-shirt can easily be dressed up with more playful pieces such as bold statement pieces or stacks of bangles for everyday occasions.

Keep in mind that your jewelry choices should reflect the style of your wardrobe and accessories. For instance, if your wardrobe features more daring pieces like leather jackets and ripped jeans than more modest metal pendant necklaces might keep things from becoming too crowded while still drawing attention to your individuality through clothing and accessories.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to maximize your wardrobe is to establish seasonal capsule wardrobes, helping you save money by minimizing items in your closet at any one time. A jewelry capsule can also be beneficial; minimalist Kendra Scott pieces make creating one an easy task! Having these ready to go will simplify your morning routine while guaranteeing you always have go-to pieces ready and available that match up with every look.


If you love wearing bold jewelry, the key to pulling it off successfully lies in keeping the rest of your look simple. That way, your statement piece can shine brighter, drawing eyes toward your face or favorite body part. A plain white dress or pair of jeans provide the ideal base for stunning necklaces or earrings to stand out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with proportions by pairing a large, chunky necklace or bracelets with smaller earrings for an eye-catching combination!

For a sophisticated and polished look, select an elegant necklace or bracelet in a bold yet classic color such as gold or black and pair it with neutral tone shoes to complete the ensemble. This creates an ensemble which exudes sophistication and polish – ideal for business or cocktail attire attire.

Chunkier statement pieces tend to make more of an impact than their smaller counterparts, whether that means long layered statement necklaces, bold rings or bracelet stacks, or anything in between. From long layered statement necklaces and bold rings or bracelet stacks to round coral Bali byzantine bangles or abalone reversible cuffs – such accessories add flair and texture to more refined looks like leather jackets and maxi skirts, as well as workwear outfits in earth tones or conservative styles; for instance pairing round coral Bali byzantine bangles with long sleeveless button front blouses and fringed suede tan jackets can transform ordinary outfits into conversation pieces!

If you’re feeling more daring, try pairing bold necklace and earrings in vibrant but distinct hues together – everything from traditional pearls to boho chic or early 2000’s-inspired. Don’t be afraid to play around with textures as well, like an intricate rhodium chain or polished jadeite bangle!

Gems Are Forever has Graduate Gemologists (G.G) on hand who understand how jewelry can add flair to an ensemble, whether that means dressing up casual wear or creating formal looks – statement jewelry adds the perfect finishing touch!


Your jewelry choices for each event can help express your personality and make a statement about you and the occasion. For formal events like weddings or cocktail parties, such as choosing cultured pearls may add sophistication while adding playful elements like an eye-catching metal charm bracelet or stack of delicate rings can add flair.

As part of your outfit and jewelry choices, it is important to consider how they coordinate together. A gold necklace will look best when worn with neutral-toned clothing while silver pieces should be worn with brighter or bolder outfits. Use the color wheel as a visual aid in creating complimentary and analogous color combinations that complement each other nicely and match with your ensemble.

Another important consideration when selecting jewelry to wear is weight. Lighter weight necklaces and earrings pair nicely with lighter fabrics like cotton or chiffon; heavier pendants and chain necklaces complement wool, corduroy and tweed well. When choosing which type of jewellery to wear, consider its style as well as what mood or image it conveys.

Once you’ve chosen the pieces that will make up your wardrobe, the next step should be combining and wearing them. By keeping these key points in mind, you can start building your own capsule collection from Kendra Scott or other retailers, or just add your favorite pieces into existing rotation.

If you want to learn more about diamonds and jewelry, remember that less is more. Too much jewelry can overpower an ensemble and take away from its elegance; therefore it is best to limit how many styles you wear at one time. Later you can always switch things up with statement or embellished pieces if desired.

Mix & Match

Jewelry can add visual interest and dimension to your ensemble, whether worn alone or combined with other pieces. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the jewelry should complement rather than compete with your clothing; striking the right balance between statement pieces and delicate understated designs requires practice but will soon have you coordinating jewelry like an expert! With some basic tips and practice behind you you will soon become adept at matching and coordinating it like never before.

Start by getting to know the color wheel. A solid grasp of color theory will prove invaluable when it comes to matching jewelry and outfits – pairing opposite colors on the color wheel creates an intriguing and vibrant effect, while complementary hues provide an effective way to dress up an otherwise basic ensemble.

Play with the weight and shape of your jewelry to add another element of mixing and matching to any look. Heavier pieces go great with heavier fabrics while lighter pieces work better with airier clothes. Play around with shapes; rounder forms work better with circular patterns while geometric styles tend to look best with straight lines.

As part of accessorizing any outfit, it is also wise to keep the occasion in mind when accessorizing. At formal events, more elegant and refined jewelry pieces should be worn; casual attire like jeans and a T-shirt can easily be made more interesting with more playful or daring pieces.

Once you’ve identified your personal style, it is helpful to organize your jewelry in categories for easier matching. For instance, if you lean toward boho chic it would be beneficial to opt for more feminine-feel pieces with floral or paisley designs; conversely if your aesthetic leans more toward sleek minimalism, minimal gold and silver metal pieces would work better as staples in your closet. By finding pieces that suit both aesthetics, a complete jewelry wardrobe will soon emerge that can become staples over time.