How to Valuate Your Agricultural Outdoor Equipment

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Auto Bolt

For manufacturers of heavy equipment, Auto Bolt is the solution. With a long history and a strong technical background, the company manufactures high-quality fasteners for equipment used in construction, material handling, and recreational applications. OEMs can also turn to Auto Bolt for fastener products, which provide the benefit of competitive pricing, quick quote turnaround, and proactive communication. To learn more about the benefits of using Auto Bolt fasteners in your agricultural outdoor equipment, contact them today.

Whether you’re looking for rivets or pins for agricultural outdoor equipment, you’ll find the right fasteners at Auto Bolt. Their extensive inventory includes metric and inch sizes. With cold heading capabilities, Auto Bolt can produce custom parts for any application, no matter how complicated or unique. And because they use industry standards for their manufacturing process, their prices are competitive. They also offer engineering support and can even help with product selection.

Dealer Sold Reports

While auction data is a great starting point for calculating agricultural outdoor equipment values, lenders must be cautious when using this information. The dealer sold reports represent a truer reflection of market value because the prices reported by sellers are the actual price determined at arm’s length. Moreover, these reports include conditions and hours. In addition, dealers are obligated to disclose all relevant information, including the condition of the equipment. The dealer-sold reports are essential for accurate equipment valuation.

Monthly updates provide dealers with information about current market conditions based on dealer surveys. Monthly updates detail retail sales by category, major brand, and geographic region. Other highlights include pricing trends and inventory levels for new and used equipment. This information is useful for identifying trends that affect the industry. The reports also help dealers gauge their profitability. Agricultural outdoor equipment sales are estimated using historical data, and dealers can use these statistics to better manage their inventory.

Auction Data

It can be difficult to estimate the value of a piece of agricultural outdoor equipment based solely on advertised pricing and auction results. The data is often sparse and outliers make comparisons difficult. Also, auction results are often based on subjective condition evaluations, so the average value is often inflated. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you compare the market value of your equipment. Here are some examples:

For example, consider combines. While the average price of these equipment items isn’t much different, they are not in the same price range. Auction data for combines, for example, can provide valuable insights into which equipment is more likely to increase in value and which models are more likely to drop in value. Using Iron Solutions’ database, you can find out what makes a tractor or combine valuable and what it can be sold for in any given year.

Farm Progress Show

Using over 15 million square feet, the Farm Progress Show is the nation’s largest outdoor farm show. Exhibitors display new farm equipment, agribusiness products, seed and crop protection products, and livestock equipment. Attendees enjoy field demonstrations and entertainment, which showcase the latest innovations in farming. During this event, farmers can engage with industry leaders and see the latest technology in action. Here are some of the most important innovations to look forward to at the next Farm Progress Show:

The Farm Progress Show brings together hundreds of companies and thousands of farmers, showing off the latest agricultural outdoor equipment, services, and breakthroughs. This exposition is the largest outdoor farm event in the United States, featuring more than 600 exhibitors. This event offers a valuable opportunity for large companies to engage directly with farmers and inspire customer loyalty. One company wanted to make a splash at the 2021 show. ADM partnered with Ag Progress Days to present their agricultural outdoor equipment.

AGCO is showcasing several new pieces of equipment at the Farm Progress Show. Its 8S High Horsepower Tractor is available in four models, ranging from 205-265 hp and 152.9-197.6 kW. The company will also show off several other pieces of farm equipment. For example, the VE Series Planters will feature a redesigned Heads Up row unit to improve seed placement accuracy. Precision Planting technology allows farmers to customize a planter’s performance to fit their needs.

EMDA Member

EMDA, the Association of Agricultural and Outdoor Power Equipment Wholesalers, provides a directory of agricultural outdoor equipment wholesalers. This directory features company information, contact information, key personnel, brief biographical profiles, product types distributed, and distribution functions. Additionally, associate members’ listings include company or product descriptions, logos, and a half-page ad. Membership benefits include free advertising in trade publications and a directory of other EMDA members.

EMDA distributor members distribute a broad range of products from numerous manufacturers and suppliers. Their roles include marketing, advertising, and in-field sales representation. These businesses are valuable partners and suppliers. They lower the overall cost of distribution. As an independent wholesaler, you will be able to rely on EMDA’s extensive product knowledge, service, and resources to meet your business needs. EMDA member wholesalers are a valuable resource for all facets of your business.

As an associate, you’ll receive free copies of the association’s publications and weekly newsletter. As a member, you’ll also have full access to the convention’s joint events with FEMA. These events are a great way to network with other wholesalers from across North America. EMDA also sponsors valuable wholesaler contact sessions at the convention. And because many of the EMDA member wholesalers attend these meetings, you’ll be able to set up appointments with them.

Agricultural Field Equipment

A method for controlling and monitoring agricultural field equipment is described in the present invention. The method entails the use of a system that includes a plurality of isolation relay devices. The isolation relay devices provide optical isolation between a controller and its sensors or between the controller and the electronic circuitry of an RTU 50. The agricultural field equipment is monitored by sensors provided at various locations, and each sensor connects with a corresponding controller. The sensors issue a status signal when a commanded function occurs at the monitored pivot.

The ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) has adopted a new standard that provides guidelines for the safety of agriculture field equipment. The ANSI/ASABE S390 standard sets performance criteria for agricultural tractors, combines, and other towed vehicles. It also includes minimum stopping requirements for self-propelled and towed agricultural field equipment and vehicles. In addition, ANSI/ASABE S390 has made changes to the operators’ manuals.

The new standard applies to all new agricultural equipment on the highway. It is based on the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers’ definition of “agricultural field equipment” and applies to all new agricultural equipment on public roads. Personal equipment is not covered by the new rule, and will not be required to comply. However, if your tractor is equipped with an RS232 port, it can communicate with the central control computer to update its status.