Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Jamaica 

There are plenty of tourist destinations in Jamaica. If you are planning a holiday in the region, you can check out the beaches of Montego Bay and Negril, as well as the rainforests of Montego Bay. You can also visit the Bob Marley Museum and Frenchman’s Cove. Read on to learn about the best places to visit in the area. Listed below are some of the best tourist attractions in Jamaica. 

Ocho Rios 

The town of Ocho Rios is located on the north coast of Jamaica. Once a small fishing village, it has since grown into a thriving tourist destination with many natural attractions. You can visit Eden Falls, Fern Gully, Shaw Park Botanical Gardens, and Dunn’s River Falls, among other places. Ocho Rios is also a port for cargo ships, allowing you to purchase a wide range of goods and enjoy the island’s famous cuisine. 

The town has many tourist attractions to offer, although most are not free. While there are several beautiful beaches in the area, they are all owned by private companies and are incorporated into hotels. The most popular free activities in Ocho Rios include a visit to the tropical Fern Gully, the Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, and River Tubing on the White River. The area is also home to many limestone caves, so you can take a tour. Resorts like Sandals are also nearby the area. 

If you’re looking for souvenirs, Ocho Rios has many craft markets and malls. A popular open-air market, Island Village, is the perfect place to pick up some souvenirs. You’ll be able to find unique terracotta art and other unique pieces of pottery, and a handmade wooden box made by Annabella Proudlock is a popular souvenir. 

Port Antonio 

If you’re looking for a small island getaway that’s both authentic and eco-friendly, you should consider visiting Port Antonio. Tucked away in the northeast corner of the island, Port Antonio lacks the resorts and mass tourism that dominate the rest of the island. Instead, visitors can enjoy a laid-back atmosphere and enjoy a wide range of cultural experiences. There’s even a renowned craft market called the Musgrave Craft Market. 

The town of Port Antonio is a quaint, white-sanded seaside town on the edge of the Blue Mountains. The area is lush and verdant and is a great base for exploring the highlands of Jamaica. The city is also fed by many waterfalls and rivers, so visitors can enjoy a natural hot spring or cool dip. If you want to experience the country’s history in the most authentic way, the town is the place for you. 

Once a thriving banana-exporting town, Port Antonio was a popular seaport. Its captain, Lorenzo Baker, brought tourists to the area on banana boats. A five-day trip from New York to Port Antonio attracted as many as 11,000 visitors. Unfortunately, the economic boom of the 1920s and World War I slowed tourism, and the banana blight decimated the export business. Once the island became an international airport, the tourism industry in Jamaica slowly moved to the west side. 

Frenchman’s Cove 

The beach at Frenchman’s Cove is one of the island’s most beautiful and famous beaches. Its 45-acre grounds are surrounded by a calm river that flows into the sea. The water is clear and the atmosphere is serene. While the beach at Frenchman’s Cove is not as clean as those at the Montego Bay and Negril beaches, the secluded setting of Frenchman’s Cove is a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of other Jamaican tourist attractions. 

Visitors can swim in the azure water of the river that flows through the property. The stream is just deep enough for an adult to comfortably wade through. There are deckchairs available for hire for around USD$2 a day. The 42-acre property has paths carved out of the jungle and overlooks a beautiful natural landscape. While there, visitors can also enjoy a swing atop a towering emerald tree. 

There are plenty of restaurants in the area that will accommodate your every desire. Frenchman’s Cove has a beach bar on site. You can enjoy a drink or a meal here while you soak up the warm Caribbean Sea’s soft music. The beach is so pretty that you’ll be tempted to order a second round. There’s no shortage of places to take a break from the beach. 

Croydon Plantation 

Visit the plantation in Jamaica to taste the fresh fruits and enjoy delicious food, including a barbecue lunch. The tour includes a chance to chat with the plantation workers and sample local food and drink. The trip takes approximately 2.5 hours and includes round-trip transportation from Montego Bay. You can choose to tour the plantation with a guide or go on your own. This tour is suitable for all ages, including seniors. 

A tour of the plantation will include a scenic drive from Montego Bay. After that, you will be able to see various kinds of fruit, including pineapples and coffee. The tour will also include a taste of some of Jamaica’s most famous exports. You can also get a taste of the coffee growing process. Afterward, you can taste a variety of Jamaican treats such as pineapple, macadamia nuts, and honey. 

Tours at Croydon Plantation are available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Depending on the season, you can see tropical fruits in season and enjoy a Jamaican buffet. Croydon Plantation is also the birthplace of Samuel Sharpe, the hero of Jamaica’s abolitionist movement. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste some of Jamaica’s most famous produce, including Jamaican blue mountain coffee, which is grown on the estate. 

Dunn’s River Falls 

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, one of the most popular attractions is Dunn’s, River Falls. These majestic waterfalls are a living phenomenon, fueled by spring water, and constantly rebuilding themselves with sediments. The falls are considered one of the island’s national treasures and are a must-see for anyone visiting the country. It was also the site of the infamous 1657 battle known as “Las Chorreras.” The name comes from the Spanish and English battles that occurred here. 

Located in St. James, Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls is one of the country’s top tourist attractions. Climbing the 600-foot-tall waterfalls is an iconic experience. Visitors can enjoy swimming pools and lagoons along the way. There are also several places to enjoy authentic Jamaican food. In addition to the waterfalls, Dunn’s River Falls offers swimming opportunities. 

A trip to Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica will be an unforgettable experience. While it is popular, be aware of the crowds and the weather. It is best to visit on sunny days. Even on cloudy days, the water may be warmer, but it is still refreshing. The waterfalls can be overcrowded during the peak tourist season. And because of the rushing water, it’s important to arrive early if you want to avoid crowds and the heat. 

YS Falls 

YS Falls is a popular tourist destination in Jamaica, located on the South Coast of the island. This picturesque tourist attraction features seven waterfalls, a canopy zip line, a river, and two swimming pools. To get to the falls, you must take a tractor ride. Afterward, you can visit the Appleton Estate, the oldest distillery in Jamaica, for a tour and to taste rum. 

This tourist destination is situated on the south coast of Jamaica, about a half-hour’s drive from Kingston. Tours to the falls depart from Montego Bay, Negril, and Falmouth. Many of these tours also combine YS Falls with other highlights in the area. You can also visit Appleton Rum Estate, another nearby tourist attraction. It’s best to book a tour that includes both of these natural highlights. 

YS Falls is a natural attraction that was once a sugar cane operation. This tourist attraction is now a beautiful waterfall that is a part of a diverse ecosystem. The falls are made up of seven large cascades. The waterfalls are surrounded by mountains, and waterfalls are beautiful and relaxing. A tour guide will give you a history lesson about the area as well as the waterfalls. 

Cockpit Country 

In the central west of the island of Jamaica lies the massive limestone plateau is known as Cockpit Country. Here you can experience the culture and lifestyle of the Maroons in their native country. While in Cockpit Country, you will also find the island’s most significant Maroon community, Accompong. It is also home to the ‘White Witch of Rose Hall,’ Annie Palmer. 

The region of Cockpit Country is situated in the parishes of Saint James and Trelawny. Because of its rugged terrain, it is impossible for cars, buses, and even horses. The area is dotted with caves, streams, and steep hills. There are also many sinkholes in the region. The average depth is between 300 and 400 feet, with some sinkholes reaching 500 feet deep. 

The area is also home to 1,500 endemic plants and flora. Visitors will be able to learn about these plants and learn about their uses and history. Local guides will share their folklore and stories of the area. For those who would like to see the area in its natural state, Cockpit Country is a must-visit destination. If you are planning a vacation in Jamaica, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this unique region.