Why You Need to Clean Off Your Computer Fan Regularly – How to Avoid Overheating 

If you use compressed air to blow out loose dust and debris, you can clean off the parts of the fan with isopropyl alcohol. To clean the fan mechanism, use a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. If you don’t have this material handy, you can dab a small amount on a cosmetic pad. Alternatively, you can also use a cleaning solution made from isopropyl alcohol. Or partner with a reputable repair company like break fix now.

Dust Blocks Airflow  

Dust on your computer is a serious problem. It collects on your computer’s heatsink, radiator, and computer fan, and it reduces the effectiveness of these cooling devices. Over time, dust can even cause catastrophic shorts in your computer’s electrical circuits, motherboard, graphics card, or power supply. The wisest thing you can do is to clean your computer regularly to prevent dust buildup from affecting the performance of your computer. 

One of the easiest ways to remove dust from your computer is by blowing it out with compressed air. You can purchase compressed air at any electronics or computer store. Be careful not to damage your computer by opening its case, as you could void its warranty. The best way to clean dust from your PC is to keep the vents clear and unblocked. In some cases, you may have to unbolt the fan from its mounting screws to clean it. 

Dirt Causes Components to Overheat  

The condition known as overheating can cause your computer’s components to overheat. This can damage the processor, memory, hard drive, video card, power supply, and more. It can also be caused by a bad cable or inadequate fan. However, it is possible to remedy the condition by adding fans. To do so, follow the steps listed below. You can also clean your computer’s interior with compressed air. Be careful not to spray the components directly. 

Dust accumulation can also cause your GPU to overheat. The first indicator of overheating is the processing load. The higher the processing load, the more heat your GPU will generate. The second indicator is dust accumulation. It is important to clean the air filter regularly to avoid this condition. Dirt can also cause GPU to overheat if it is facing a wall or other obstruction that prevents airflow. When this happens, the GPU is unable to cool itself efficiently. 

Dirt Can Cause Irreparable Damage  

If you have a computer, you probably know that dust and dirt can ruin its components. The buildup of dust and dirt can short circuit electrical components, damaged circuitry, and even short the fan bearings. The cleanliness of the internal components of a computer can determine whether it will last a long time or break down in the near future. Clean the components regularly to slow down the buildup of dust and dirt. 

Cleaning Off the CPU Fan  

One of the easiest ways to increase the lifespan of your PC is by cleaning off the computer fan. The fan is responsible for circulating air around your PC. A dusty fan can affect your performance. The best way to clean this out is by taking a cloth or paper towel and wiping it down. This way, the fan will continue to work for years to come. If you don’t have a cloth, you can use a dry cloth. 

Moreover, a dirty computer fan can slow down the performance of your computer. If it is overheating, your computer may become unresponsive, display errors, crash, or even cause data corruption. This may end up in a major business disaster. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your computer fan frequently. Moreover, a clean fan can boost your laptop’s performance by up to 20%. This way, you can enjoy a longer life span for your computer.