You Don’t Have to Be a Big Corporation to Start Implementing Live Chat

You don’t have to be a big corporation to benefit from live chat. Live chat is a great way to interact with customers. Customers love to communicate with real people and it increases trust. In addition, customer satisfaction increases when you treat them professionally and with empathy.

Customer satisfaction

Providing quality customer support is a crucial aspect of business success. Research has shown that 49% of customers would switch to another business because of bad customer service. With the use of technology and live chat tools, businesses can improve customer satisfaction. A few best practices to follow in order to improve customer service include:

Use the same language as your customers. While English is the international business language, consumers prefer to do business in their own languages and through channels that they use. Live chat is one such channel, and it is now used by 54% of U.S. retailers. According to the study, 85% of customers are satisfied with live chat, compared to 91% for phone support. However, it is important to remember that people are more likely to buy something if it is spoken in their language, and this means that businesses should offer support in their language.

While most consumers are satisfied with live chat, it is important to remember that it is not the best option for every business. In fact, many customers would prefer a phone call or email if they could get the assistance they need right away. However, in some cases, live chat may be the only viable option.

Live chat is a powerful tool that enables brands to answer simple questions quickly and efficiently. In addition, it enables customer service agents to ask the right questions at the right time to solve a problem. As a result, live chat can improve customer satisfaction and lead to more repeat business.


Live chat is a great way to reduce the costs of customer support and increase customer satisfaction. It is cheaper than telephone calls and offers more time-saving features than email. It is also more convenient for customers, and helps cut down on customer service expenses without compromising on quality. It is also a great way to help customers solve their own problems. You can get a quote from Visitor Chat if you’d like to know more about the pricing of live chat services.

Live chat also helps companies increase sales. If a customer is able to solve their own question on the first try, they’re more likely to purchase additional services or products. These upsell opportunities lead to cost-savings and increased direct profit. This is especially useful in the retail sector, where converting support queries into sales opportunities can significantly increase top-line revenue.

Live chat can also reduce the amount of time it takes to resolve customer inquiries. Live help chat agents can route inquiries based on the nature and source of each inquiry. Using custom parameters saves time by routing customers to the most appropriate agent, and increases First Call Resolution rates. Once a customer begins a live chat session, the agent can quickly resolve the query and move on to the next.

Live chat can also reduce your marketing, sales and support costs. Ultimately, these cost-savings will lead to higher top-line revenue for your business. Besides that, it can help you increase your customer satisfaction rate. If customers are happy with your product, they will spread the word about you.

Live chat is also less expensive than a phone call. It is a good choice for startups and small businesses looking to provide an excellent customer experience. Live chat allows customer service agents to focus on solving the issue in real-time and offers personalized service.


Customer support is a complex process and scalability is vital to a business’ success. In today’s world, people expect fast service, without delays. Moreover, a scalable solution reduces the downtime caused by server crashes. This characteristic makes customer service an important part of any business’ long-term growth strategy.

One of the main advantages of a scalable live chat solution is its ability to scale as your business grows. This characteristic can help you scale your business without worrying about compromising the quality of service. For example, if you are a growing company, you won’t need to upgrade your technology system when you reach a million customers. Similarly, if you’re planning to scale up to three million customers, you won’t have to buy a new system just yet. It’s also more cost effective, allowing you to enjoy more value for your money.

Moreover, a scalable live chat solution can support a large number of users, regardless of the platform. In order to make sure your chat application is ready for a large number of users, you must implement the right features. Moreover, a scalable chat solution should also offer high-level security. It should encrypt personal data and ensure a secure project infrastructure. Another important feature of a chat app is its ability to integrate games. HTML5 games can be loaded on a web page without requiring a separate application, which can further increase revenue for your chat application.

Scalability is an important factor when evaluating an application’s capacity and traffic. As a business grows, it may experience peak load volumes and spikes in traffic. The right scalability solution should be able to accommodate these changes and support the business’s growing demand. Scalability is directly related to the performance of a system.


When selecting a live chat vendor, reliability is a key factor. The ability to respond quickly to a customer’s query is crucial to establishing a positive customer experience. It’s also essential to ensure that the vendor is highly secure. Live chat vendors should have an active firewall, appropriate infrastructure, data backup plans, and 24/7 support.

In the digital era, customers want convenience and quick results. A company that provides prompt solutions to their queries will stand out from the crowd. A recent study found that live chat achieved a 73% satisfaction rate – the highest rating of all customer service channels. The next-highest customer satisfaction level was 61% for email, and 45% for telephone support. Further, a study by the American Marketing Association (AMA) found that live chat improved conversion rates by as much as 20% for B2B companies.

However, live chat software isn’t a complete customer support solution. As a business grows, scaling live chat support can be difficult. Moreover, vital customer information can fall into the wrong hands. As a result, businesses must focus on matching their needs to the demands of consumer channels.

Creating a service-oriented business

A live chat service can be a great way to provide a superior customer experience. Research shows that up to 77 percent of consumers prefer to talk to a human before making a purchase. Live chat increases customer satisfaction and retention, which means more sales for your business. It also helps you develop long-term relationships with your customers.